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Default TTP leaders Maulvi Faqir and Qaru Zia ur Rahman death confirmed : Rehman Malik

Malik confirms death of top commanders

Saturday, 06 Mar, 2010
Click the image to open in full size. Interior Minister Rehman Malik. – (File Photo)

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik confirmed on Saturday that Tehreek-e-Taliban leaders Maulvi Faqir Muhammad, Qari Ziaur Rehman and Fateh Muhammad were killed along with 30 other militants in the Mohmand Agency.

The Taliban leaders were killed as helicopter gunship helicopters targeted their hideouts.

Speaking to DawnNews, Malik said that other militants that are on the run will be captured and not spared.

He added that there were clear indications of Indian involvement in militant activities in NWFP and the tribal areas.

The accusation of Indian involvement has been repeated by several other government and military officials as well.
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Default Re: TTP leaders Maulvi Faqir and Qaru Zia ur Rahman death confirmed : Rehman Malik

3 top Pak Taliban men killed in single day?

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani military dealt a crippling blow to Tehreek-e-Taliban by killing its three top commanders,
including the group's deputy-chief Maulvi Faqir Muhammad, in Mohmand tribal region in the country's northwest, interior minister Rehman Malik said on Saturday.

Two more prominent commanders Qari Ziaur Rehman, an Afghan national and Fateh Muhammad, a close aide of Taliban chief in Swat Fazlullah, were also killed in air strikes carried out in the region on Saturday which resulted in deaths of 30 militants, Malik confirmed.

Maulvi Faqir had named himself chief of Pakistani Taliban following the killing of Baitullah Mehsud. He has publicly stated his close ties to al-Qaida No 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The Taliban leaders were killed when helicopters gunship of the Pakistan military targeted their hideouts in Pandiali area of Mohmand Agency. Security forces retrieve the body of Fateh Muhammad while the bodies of the others are yet to be recovered, Malik said.

Faqir Muhammad, who was originally based in Bajaur tribal region, moved to Mohmand Agency after security forces cleared most parts of the area. Ziaur Rehman was believed to be the head of the Taliban in Kunar and Nuristan provinces of Afghanistan and the US had offered a reward of $350,000 for him.

Reports said he would often move from Bajaur Agency to Afghanistan with his fighters to carry out attacks on US-led forces.

Omar Rehman alias Fateh Muhammad was best known for leading Taliban fighters from Swat into Buner, a district located 100km from Islamabad, last year. The move prompted the government to launch a major military operation to evict militants from Swat.

Malik said other militants who are on the run will also be captured and not spared. pti
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Default Re: TTP leaders Maulvi Faqir and Qaru Zia ur Rahman death confirmed : Rehman Malik

Thats some great news. High profile terrorists of TTP are falling down one by one, I think we're on the way to fully terminate their existence from our soil.

Impressive work PA!
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